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 Manufacturing Execution System

Project manager

Work place: Shenzhen, Longgang District, China

As a senior engineer of Manufacturing Execution System (MES), he has rich knowledge and high skills in OPERA MES products and related technologies. As an MES implementer in a cross-product/cross-business project team, he uses his expertise Provide solutions for the manufacturing execution process, complete projects with high quality, and deliver them to customers on time and quantitatively.

In addition to executing the project, it also participates in other work throughout the project life cycle, including but not limited to:sales supportDesignProject experience analysis

Job responsibilities:

• Through on-the-job practice, training, and learning all aspects of OPERA MES products, we can keep up with the latest enhancements and revisions of OPERA MES product functions.
• Undertake the corresponding project responsibilities and actively complete each task in the project based on the results. Project tasks include but are not limited to:
         - System architecture design
         - Software and hardware function design, procurement and assembly/installation
         - Implement MES configuration

•  Develop MES user-defined scripts

•  Develop MES user:

  • Defined web components
  • Provide MES solutions according to the customer's specific business
  • Solve MES performance and/or functional issues
  • Provide services at the customer site, perform acceptance testing, production support, troubleshooting, error repair, business improvement, new application development, etc. for the delivered MES project, quickly and accurately respond to technical questions raised by customers, and guide users to use them correctly Manufacturing execution system.
  • For problems encountered in project execution and on-site service, in-depth investigation of the root cause, precise location of MES product defects, reporting of failures, provision of situational reproduction methods, and persistent pursuit of solutions

Basic Requirements:
• Professional bachelor degree or above, which can be one of the following two: 1.Non-computer related majors, such as industrial automation, process control engineering, equipment manufacturing, etc., have a strong interest in computer programming, and have more than 10 years of relevant work experience, 2. Computer majors, such as computer science, information technology, software engineering, etc., with more than 2 years of relevant work experience.• C# knowledge base, proficient in JavaScript programming.• Knowledge base of XML and HTML, able to write XSLT code.• Knowledge base of SQL Server database, able to develop stored procedures.• Spoken and written English skills.• Or short-term domestic and foreign business trips.• Time management, complete tasks on time, work independently or adapt to team work
Other requirements:
• Knowledge of computer hardware, networking and virtualization is preferred.
• Ability of database administrator is preferred.
• Experience in industrial application development and debugging is preferred.
• Experience in manufacturing MES system is preferred.
• More than three years of relevant work experience is preferred.